Stop Drinking Coffee. It Will Kill You.

It really could. If you drink enough coffee, it’s possible that it could kill you. Even drinking too much water could kill you. But coffee? What a way to go!

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to drop a pile of coffee goodness on you. Here’s this week’s fresh brewed coffee blog.

I started watching Haywire, an action flick starring Gina Carano and a host of heavyweight movie stars. It was hyped up as a really good action flick with plenty of action featuring Gina kicking butt. I’ve followed her career for a while because she is a very impressive and beautiful professional MMA fighter. Think Danica Patrick with fighting gloves on. I didn’t finish the movie though. It was horrible. Possibly the best part of the brief few moments I did watch was a short fight scene with Channing Tatum that involved coffee. She takes a full mug of brew in the face and then gets the mug smashed over her head. The dumping and smashing was actually a metaphor for ‘why o why did you make this awful movie?’. If you want to watch the coffee scene, it’s only a minute in and the movie is available as an instant play on Netflix.

I absolutely devoured the entire Hunger Games trilogy and loved Katniss, so I was overjoyed to find several coffee references therein. I’m purposely not saying which books they’re from, so that some of you can test your HG trivia skills and figure it out.

Oh no! Brian from The Family Guy got distracted and spilled his coffee.



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