Don’t Worry About the Roommate. You Know Where They Sleep at Night.

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I just noticed an survey referenced in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan.

It stated that 77% of people say they have never lived with someone they would consider a great roommate.

I’d like to see a breakdown of those figures for the real world.

Out of 77% of people, how many figure into other categories that might skew these results.

It’s estimated that 1-3% of the population has multiple personality disorder. Do they find it hard to live with themselves? Do the roommates in their head count?

How many people who answered the survey question were the problem instead of the other roommate? Does the movie Single White Female ring a bell?

3% of males and 1% of females have clinical antisocial personality disorders. This includes sociopaths. They can’t all be as pleasant to live with as Dexter.

How many people who answered the survey never had a roommate but answered anyway based on the idea that they’d never get along with a fellow resident to share the place with? I fit squarely into this category.

Like any statistical reckoning, if you poke hard enough you can skew the results to say whatever you want. Be skeptical of anything you see with a “%” sign attached to it.


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