New School MBA- Checking out the Free Agent Academy

As part of my New School MBA series, I’d like to tell you about a group of folks that have been integral to my entrepreneurial journey. I got hooked up with the Free Agent Academy (FAA) through a connection with Dan Miller at, whom I’ve talked about often. Through Dan, I met his son Kevin, the founder, chief architect, and guru of FAA, at one of Dan’s live events that he holds at his home. I’d interacted with Kevin for some time through the Internet but finally meeting him in person made me really want to know him more. I joined in the early days of the FAA and have had the opportunity to see it grow and change over the years from something that was a useful community of like-minded free agents to a powerhouse educational forum that will go a long way to changing the way people think about how they earn their money.

Kevin recently revamped FAA and the current iteration of it is amazing.

Basically, at the most basic of explanations, FAA is an entrepreneurial education center. It goes way beyond that though. Imagine if you could, a university…

  • where all your courses were delivered incredibly convenient by digital means
  • where all your professors were available pretty much all the time
  • where all your professors are actually doing what they are teaching
  • where you get to know and interact with fellow students and entrepreneurs from all learning levels
  • where you have the ability to start any dialogue or discussion and put it out to the entire student body to join in
  • where the other students are not just kids who just graduated high school but professionals in their own right who are working toward the same dream as you but in their own way
  • where you have the opportunity to join other students at live events
  • where everything you learn is relevant to becoming a free agent and living your dreams

Imagine college on crack. Personal, relevant, real, and right now. That’s how I would describe FAA.

Many of the lessons I learned there changed my life and how I do business. I can look at a million things I do in my own biz and tie it directly back to something I learned from Kevin Miller and the crew. Jonanthan Pool really deserves a shout out right here for the wall of perspective he had me build.

I would highly recommend FAA to any entrepreneur, budding or accomplished, as a necessary part of your education. As a matter of fact, I just checked my e-mail and saw one from Kevin offering a pretty sweet deal that goes along with a teleseminar with his dad Dan Miller. He even has a really cheap 15 day trial offer running as well. Check him out and tell him that Dr. Dave sent you.


3 thoughts on “New School MBA- Checking out the Free Agent Academy

  1. Oh man David, this may be the coolest endorsement ever for Free Agent Academy. I want the t-shirt that says “Imagine college on crack.” Brother…thank you. What a gift. I’m so honored to be on the journey with you.

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