Human Trafficking is Alive and Well and Possibly in Your Backyard

I joined the blogger team at The Exodus Road. They’re an organization devoted to ending human trafficking. I know that there are quite a few NGO’s out there doing that, but this one is a little different. They go a little further than just talking and spreading the word. The folks that run this group actually engage in the investigations and the rescues. They go into harm’s way.


Now, I don’t have to tell you that human trafficking is a big problem. Worldwide it’s estimated that there are at least 27 million modern day slaves. Thought we ended slavery back in the 1800’s? No. Not at all. It is alive and well and big business in most countries. It is the third largest illegal industry worldwide right behind guns and drugs. It takes place everywhere, not just in those countries we all like to think bad about.

I joined their team as a first step toward doing more than just talking. That’s why I’m writing this post. I’m doing my part to help raise enough money to fund one of their investigations. I’ve been told that it takes around $1400 to fund an investigation in the unnamed country where the group operates. This includes the investigators, the equipment, and the work it takes to get all the right information into official hands that won’t be bribed or coerced into losing it.

Please help me in any way that you can. Click HERE, and it will take you to my fundraising page. You can donate through the page.

Thanks for listening. You can check out more info about The Exodus Road by clicking on their name.




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