Can You Snort Coffee?

I’m pretty sure you can snort coffee. People snort worse things than that. The vascularity of the interior nasal passages allows anything snorted to be rapidly absorbed into the system, so I guess it would be a good way to get some quick caffeine. You’d lose the coffee taste though. So, I guess the moral of this question is that you can snort coffee, but you shouldn’t.

Now that we’ve answered that, here’s your coffee postings for this week.

Zits_no room for coffee_10.18.12

Too Much Coffee See Double_Catwoman 36001

I’m thinking if Oracle is seeing double, then that means she can get more work done for Batman.

Here’s a great pic from season 1, episode 19 of Til Death titled The Coffeemaker. Great episode. One of the good ones before the show melted down.

Til Death_1.19_The Coffeemaker

I like this Starbucks ad. Everyone loves smooth-talking coffee.

Starbucks Smooth Talking Coffee001

Pearls Before Swine_rude coffeeshop_10.18.12

I always wondered where the nasty non-dairy creamer stuff came from. Did you know it was also highly flammable?

Non Dairy Cows009


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