TV Will Rot Your Mind

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TV will rot your mind. I guess it could. It could slowly melt down your mind from the inside until it turns into a globbery glop of goo. I don’t necessarily agree though. I watch a lot of TV. I keep it on in my office while I work, but that’s me. I work better with background noise.

I just read a stat that says the average American watches 1,672 hours of television a year.


I’m probably true to that stat, maybe even higher, but I’m nowhere near average. I also read 100 books a year. I write 4 books a year. I publish over 50 magazine articles. I run a business that owns 6 other businesses. I pastor a church. I could go on and on. I also watch a crapload of TV, which leads me to beg the question…

What are some of the benefits of watching television?

We always hear the negative things, but what are some of the good things you get from it?

My number one thing- I get more work done.

Now your turn…


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