This is How I’m Rolling in the Cultural Architect Biz Next Year

As I get closer and closer to closing out my planning for next year I thought I’d give you a few visual illustrations of how things will be for me next year in my biz as a Cultural Architect.

I’m still going to be a counselor that will kick you in the arse and tell you to get moving rather than the one that says, “Have a seat on the couch and tell me how you feel.”

Peanuts_Psychiatry_Tough Love001

I’m a multipotentialite, much like Tony Stark. I’ve eliminated about a dozen projects still in the planning stages so that I can add the four or five new ones that deserve prominence and a chance at completion this coming year.

Ultimates vol1_Stark_multipotentialite

I’ve had a pretty good offer to start several versions of my memoirs dealing with various areas of my life, such as my adventuring (scuba, mountains), my military time, and my time doing Jack Bauer stuff with Homeland Security. My chronicling of my human expereince will take precedence next year.

Lives Among Humans to Chronicle Them001

One of my core skills is information gathering, or intel as it was called in a previous job. I’m going to do a few things next year to take this to the next level. I’ve actually been asked to participate in a course on Game Theory at Stanford University.

Information_Birds of Prey Mar 09

I’m keeping the Beard as I go into next year. It’s almost 2 years old now and has become quite a branding thing for me. I’m finally moving into a place in life where I’m not so self-conscious about my own body, whether it’s what I wear or how I look. I’m finally becoming comfortable in my own skin. “Terrible beauty and vicious grace” pretty much defines both my appearance and personality.




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