My Review of L. Ron Hubbard’s Fiction Comeback

I reviewed several of the Galaxy Press reissues of much of L. Ron Hubbard’s short fiction work. Both of these articles were first published in print in my magazines columns. Respectively, they are Homeschool Tips in Parent News and Time to Relax in Transitions magazine.


I was contacted recently by Galaxy Press about a re-release of most of L. Ron Hubbard’s short fiction works into multimedia audio CD’s. Aside from his longer fiction novels like Battlefield Earth, he was a prolific short fiction writer. He wrote hundreds of short stories and serialized stories in the pulp fiction days of the 1930’s and 1940’s. He actually wrote for the majority of pulp fiction magazines available at the time under a number of different pen names. It’s really good stuff too.

I’ve been listening to a number of the stories and they bring back memories of when I would sit and listen to old radio dramas like The Shadow and Batman. Those old radio serials were way before my time, but I would buy them on cassette and listen for hours.

Many of Hubbard’s stories being re-released by Galaxy Press involve war tales, hard-boiled detective stories, and seafaring tales of pirates. They’re great! The audio presentations are awesome as well. The readings on the compact discs are multimedia, not just a monologue. They feature different readers playing the parts and have sound effects as well.

I enjoy using various formats for teaching my kids in homeschool. One thing I really liked about these books is the fact that you can buy both the audio and the print version of the same book. They’re small and easily used as well. It’s great for the kids to read along as the story plays.

If you’re at all concerned about Hubbard’s religious proclivities, don’t worry. There’s nothing in the books about any of that. Just pure adventure and excitement. I’d highly recommend them.

You can find them at

Homeschool Tips_L Ron Hubbard001

L. Ron Hubbard audiobook series by Galaxy Press

I was recently contacted by Galaxy Press about reviewing their series of audiobooks centered on the short fiction works of L. Ron Hubbard. Many of you are probably familiar with LRH’s larger science fiction works and his work as a religious leader, but not everyone is as familiar with his impressive list of published short fiction. He was a prolific author and wrote over 200 short stories and novellas under numerous pen names. Between 1934 and 1950 his stories appeared in almost every pulp fiction magazine in publication.

The audiobooks from Galaxy are of the highest quality. The packaging has a visual appeal. And the catalog lists an impressive number of books available. I listen to a lot of audiobooks as I travel and have to admit that most of them are nothing more than singular voices reading a book, with no flair whatsoever. The Galaxy Press books have multiple actors, sound effects, and music to accompany the stories. Listening to them has the feel of sitting around a radio listening to an old broadcast. I love it. It makes the listening experience s much more enjoyable.

Right now I’m listening to Red Death Over China about a 1930’s era American mercenary working as a fighter pilot. In next month’s review I’ll tell you more about the books. For now, you can find them at

Time to Relax_Swan Thieves_Hubbard002My review of The Swan Thieves is also in that article. Great book!



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