Closing Out 2012 for the Mayans

Taking a cue from my friends Dan Miller and Chris Guillebeau I always close out the last few weeks of the year with an analysis of the goings-on for the past 365 days, give or take a leap year. I use this to make plans for the coming year.

As an added bonus, here’s me at 2 years old…

DWP Age 2b 001

Here’s my recap for 2012…

  • Made 132 entries in my personal journal
  • Started 2 new businesses
  • Read 46 books
  • Summited one new state highpoint in Kansas
  • Made 1 polar bear plunge in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Travelled 35 out-of-town days
  • Only camped outdoors 1 night
  • Visited 15 States, including 1 new one
  • Played 11 rounds of golf with an average score of 107
  • Published 8 Kindle books
  • Wrote 36 magazine articles
  • Spoke publicly 110 times- 50% in churches, 15% at public events, 20% at corporate locations, 10% at colleges and universities, and 5% for government entities
  • Attended 7 conferences and 32 lectures
  • Attended 33 Cub Scout events and 51 sports events with my boys
  • Had 370 client meetings, counseling sessions, and business meals
  • Conducted 9 interviews- 1 radio, 2 television, 5 newspaper, and one magazine
  • Trimmed my beard three times
  • Wrote 211 blogs that were viewed 71,400 times from 159 countries

Whew! Looking back at all of that makes me feel tired.

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