Time Management Gangnam Style

I’m a big time management nerd. Logistics are one of my passions. I love time management so much that I could actually waste time working on it.

Here’s something huge that I’ve implemented in the past couple of years that has freed up not only time, but way more than that in ancillary gains. Less stress. Less to keep up with. Less time spent on things that don’t help me move forward. Less time spent on activities that I can’t see any measurable level of influence on. I wasn’t on my minimalist journey at the time, but I see now how this change was a major move towards that.

Last year I read Dr. Henry Cloud’s Necessary Endings. It was an amazing book and one that will have it’s place in my top ten books for counseling. I’d wanted to end some of my time wasters for a long time, but couldn’t find myself pushing the button. I didn’t want to lose any of those relationships, make anyone mad, or leave a hole in an existing organization. It turns out, because of where my life was and still is leading, that I needed to leave. What I learned from the book helped me make the change.


According to Dr. Cloud, ending some of these relationships is actually healthy for my other ones.

“The high-functioning people who have extensive networks and relationships that really work well are also very, very good at not having some, as well.  They prune them.”

“These people have accepted a reality- that they generate more activity than they can fruitfully handle. So they can cut these ties without feeling that “something is wrong” or that they are “being mean to someone.” They respect the fact that there are limits to what they can do, to whom or what they can invest in.”

Just a few of the activities I ended were serving on half a dozen local boards and committees at my area chamber of commerce and my Toastmasters Club.

This begs the question…what seemingly good activities do you engage in that you need to pull away from?


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