Superheroes Are Good. Superheroes Drink Coffee. Coffee is Good.

It’s time again for a fresh new brew of dark roasted fruit of the magic bean coffee goodness. No need to say thank you. You’re welcome.

My church The Pilgrimage is will be fine tuning our giving this year, and we decided to do the majority of our ‘abroad’ giving through Land of a Thousand Hills coffee company. They’re a socially conscious coffee company based out of Roswell GA that also runs a charity called the Do Good Initiative that does all kinds of good for the farmers and families around the plantations. I’ll be talking a lot more about them here and also on the church’s website. The pic below is of me and Karen Houghton. She’s the head honcho for the Do Good Initiative.


Here’s a coffeeshop scene from X-Men First Class- Tomorrow’s Brightest

XMen First Class_Tomorrows Brightest001

Found this little snippet of an article in Shape magazine about going green with your coffee. (Land of a Thousand Hills is very environmentally conscious with their coffee from seed to you drinking it. Hint, hint…buy some.)

30 Ways to Green Your Plate_Coffee

From a Batman Incorporated issue 3, we see again how much Commissioner Gordon loves his brew. Never any idea of what kind of coffee he drinks though.

Batman Inc 3_2012_Comm Gordon002

My wife bought this sweet mocha frosting for a batch of cupcakes. Not much mocha or coffee flavor to it, but, hey, they’re cupcakes. Those are her actual cupcakes under the bag in their pre-icing mode.



One thought on “Superheroes Are Good. Superheroes Drink Coffee. Coffee is Good.

  1. How do you think they get the get up and go they need to save the world? COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    In His Name, Teresa Powers

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