Getting My Art on with the Stickmen

Not many people realize that I have a thriving side business selling stickpeople. I mean, after the counseling, consulting, teaching, writing and adventuring, do I really need something else? Well…yeah, I do. I like drawing stickpeople doing stupid stuff. I also like drawing stickpeople doing normal stuff. It’s a bit of hands-on art therapy for me. Sometimes it’s for my kids and friends. Sometimes it’s to keep me from falling asleep at a conference. And, a lot of the time, I sell them. I’ve published stickpeople drawings all over the US and in at least three countries that I know of. I’ve actually been invited to conferences to do onsite drawings for people. I thought I’d do a little behind the scenes to show how much fun it is.

This batch o’ stickies is for a client that I’ve worked for before in Denmark. He owns a company called Surf Jimmy. Check him out HERE, and you’re likely to see some of my artwork on his website or in his blog. I can also vouch for his product. If you engage in any sports that require a wetsuit, it is golden!

My set up at the kitchen table…


Practice sketches…


Inking in the pencil sketch…



Adding a little color…


The final product…





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