Fisher Space Pen Blasts Off

A while back I filmed a short video about the problems with my Fisher Space Pen. I’ve been carrying a Fisher Space Pen for a long time. It’s not because I go to space often. I seldom get there anymore now that my jetpack is down. I do carry it for several other reasons though. It’s hardy. I’ve had this one for a while, and it’s taken a lot of abuse. It closes up. Clickable pens have a bad habit of opening in the pocket and decorating your trousers or pocket with ink. It makes an expedient weapon. I’ve actually had training on using an ink pen as a weapon and the shape and form of the Fisher are excellent. The Fisher and replacement cartidges are very affordable as well. I used to strictly carry Mont Blanc pens. They can be quite expensive and not very hardy for the type of activities I get into.

Here’s the original video…

I did encounter a few frequent problems with my Fisher that I addressed in the video. A short time after, Michael Nix, a quality assurance manager at the company, contacted me to see what we could do to address the problems. He asked if I could send in an old cartridge so they could examine it under the microscope. Then he e-mailed me back shortly after and even sent me pics of the microscope view.

Thank you so much to Michael and the Fisher crew for their assistance and for going above and beyond to help out!

The good news is that any problems with the cartridges has been rectified and Fisher is good to go. Now, go out and buy one or three.

Here’s one of the microscope photos…



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