I Don’t Like the Taste of Tea Leaves

One of the new changes I’ve made this year is to eliminate aspartame from my diet. It’s a nasty chemical that creates all knids of havok inside the body. Inside my body!?! The trouble is that it’s an ingredient of most any diet-related or healthy drink. I drink a lot of water mixes because I just don’t like the taste of plain old ordinary water. Instead, I’ve been drinking tea made from tea bags in my Nalgene bottle. Drop in the tea bag, ooze in some honey for sweetening, fill with hot water, and just let it steep as you drink. I’ll drink about a gallon of this very lightly flavored tea water in a day. No sugar. No aspartame. And it’s not really tea. It’s light brown water.


I had a problem though. Not all the tea bags possess sound structural qualities and slowly infiltrate my beverage with actual tea leaves. Not the most flavorful thing to do with cheap tea. The final straw was a chamomile bag bursting and me experiencing the lovely taste of old tea flowers in my mouth.

What to do? What to do?

I searched online a bit by Googling “nalgene bottle tea filter” and right away found the H2jO! coffee and tea filter from GSI Outdoors. I ordered it immediately. I’m actually using it right now. It works great and opens up a number of options for homemade drink mixes. It’s a great addition to my new nutrition plan. Check out my video to see how it works.



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