Are You Part of The Following?

I watched the pilot of Kevin Bacon’s new series The Following and loved it. I watched it again with my wife last night. Sure it’s a pretty kick arse serial killer drama, but it affected me for a different reason, one dealing mainly with the point in my life where I’m at right now.

We’re always looking at the depths people are willing to go to do bad things. Crime, addictions, affairs. You name it and people are willing to give their all to jump in wholeheartedly.

Why aren’t we willing to go that far for the good things in life? Time with the kids, self-employment, keeping families together, time with friends. You name it, and we give up on it.

Here’s a few ideas I got from the show.

Would you do things that will slowly change you  and poison you?


Would you risk life and limb?


Would you go back to a job that ruined you?


Would you be willing to see things no human should ever see?


Would you go back to people that hate you (who also happen to be the good guys)?


Would you try to kill yourself to escape from the badness?


Would you become a groupie?


Would you mark your body?


That’s just a few graphic examples of the steps people will take to destroy themselves and go purely negative. What steps are you willing to take for good?

Quit that job?

Move to a new place?

Simplify and minimize?

Get out of debt?

Start a business?

Do something wild and crazy and daring???????

5 thoughts on “Are You Part of The Following?

  1. The answer to nearly all of those questions? A resounding “yes!” But. It’s always the “but” that deflates my dreams. But I have a mortgage. A mortgage on a house, that without a substantial investment, won’t sell. But my parents are in their 80’s. But, I have no money and as long as I have the job, no time. I was once the person who asked these questions of others such as, “If money were no object and you knew you couldn’t fail…what would you do?” Unfortunately at this juncture money is indeed an object. I hope the t-shirts are wrong… the ones that say “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…see there is no Someday.” I cling to Someday. I cling to the hope that one day I’ll set foot on Springer and walk north till I summit Katahdin, to the hope that my friends are right and there’s a book in me somewhere, to the dream that someday the All Who Wander podcast will become that thing I do for a living that feels like I’ll “never work another day in my life”, that I’ll spend my days doing what thrills my soul. One day, someday I’ll be able to say that I didn’t “ask what the world needs but instead found what made me come alive…for what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” Someday.

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