Top Ten New Monopoly Pieces

I saw today that Monopoly released the news on their new game token and the retirement of an old one. Apparently, the new piece is going to be a cat and the iron has gone the way of the dodo bird. I’m not really happy with that, so me and my family sat down to decide on our top ten token ideas that they completely passed over.


  1. Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer!?! You should know this.)
  2. A Key (my wife’s suggestion)
  3. Cell phone
  4. A computer (my wife’s suggestion)
  5. The Monopoly guy (my 8yo son’s idea). Check his history at this LINK. His name is Rich Uncle Moneybags, although they’ve tried to rename him over the years.
  6. Replace the old time car with a newer version
  7. A coffee mug
  8. A zombie
  9. An oscillating fan
  10. A flower like a rose or a daisy stading up (there are no ‘close to the earth’ game pieces)

What do you think? What pieces would you like to see?


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