Totally Random Question and Answer Friday

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It’s Friday here right now. I’m not really sure what day it is when and where you’re reading this, but you have my permission to call it Friday and take the next two days off.

I thought I’d do a randomized Friday question and answer session.

First question…what is the ideal set of conditions for your dream life? What would your ideal day look like?


I’m convinced hotels should lower their prices after 8 pm. Seriously, after that time they need the help filling the rooms. Think it would work?


Memoirs and non-fiction tomes by politicians are usually pretty good for getting a few snippets of detail into the juicy stuff. Just know that when you read them, you may get their point-of-view, but only with the understanding that it’ll mostly be a CYA experience.

I saw this article in a recent newspaper. Isn’t this the height of irony and poetic justice? Technicaly speaking, the bookstore owners would be hypocritical if they called the cops or the fire department for help.



One thought on “Totally Random Question and Answer Friday

  1. 2 Scenarios:

    1. Wake up in a hammock slung between two trees somewhere in the woods between Georgia and Maine. Bacon, instant grits and Starbucks Via for breakfast, walk north for 15 or 20 miles, munching on Cliff Mojo Chocolate Almond Coconut bars and chugging fresh-filtered mountain spring water along the way…unless some Providential Trail Magic reveals itself, of course. Dinner at the shelter with fellow thru-hikers then off to the hammock again. Repeat.

    2. 6 months later…wake up at home. Enjoy a slightly better version of aforementioned breakfast. Spend my day recording podcasts for All Who Wander and perhaps working on a book chronicling my previous 6 months. Lunch with friends. More writing and podcasting. Dinner with my family. Walk in the woods. Repeat.

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