In the Future We’ll All Drink Coffee

It’s true. If statistics are correct, we’ll all drink coffee in the future. I don’t really have any real statistics to tie that one into, but it sounds very definitive, and since I like coffee, I think it sounds good. In the meantime, here’s some coffee goodness for you.

Me and the boys started watching the Batman Beyond animated series from episode one on DVD. We were thrilled to see that Bruce Wayne still drinks coffee in his old age.


I recently watched the Hungry for Change documentary on Netflix. It was a really great flick, although I was disappointed to see that the first few scenes talking about how America is populated by fatties used coffee pics to show that.


Me and the boys found a good coffee scene in the movie Lockout starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace. For a B-grade sci-fi flick it was actually pretty good. In the scene he used coffee, grease, and toilet water to help disguide the damsel in distress.


In a recent episode of Fast Company the article titled 10 Conversations that Changed the World, a conversation by Howard Schultz about insurance benefits made the cut.

10 Conversations_Starbucks002

Check out this ad. I can guarantee that if you’re paying 20 cents a cup for coffee, that you’re getting what you pay for, brown crap in a mug.

20 cents a cup003

Superheroes never spill their coffee. It’s a basic superpower they all possess.

Batman Annual 28_Feb 2011_B



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