Why Are You Still in B-School? (part of the New School MBA series)

I came across a fellow by the name of Tynan a while back through writing my rants about the deficiencies in the business educational system. Here’s a link to one of my favorites among his blogs. It’s called The Hustler’s MBA.

After reading Tynan’s blog and several others in the same vein, I find myself wondering what damage to entrepreneuriaslism and living the American dream has been wrought by business schools. I can understand the need if you’re going to be a banker or work for a financial institution and give your life over to The Man. For any other need or endeavor there are so many other cheaper, more influential, more educational ways to gather that knowledge. You’d be stupid to go to B-school and waste thousands of dollars and years of yur life. The financial burden created by school almost forces you to go to work for someone else instead of living your own dreams and passions just to pay off student loans.

What if you looked in another direction at an alternative education? As I’ve said before, I’m firmly convinced that Dummies and Complete Idiot’s Guides will give you a better education at a fraction of the cost of what you’d experience getting an MBA. Couple the guide with a mentor who’s already successful in that area and you’re set. Even if you take your mentor to lunches and pay for meals, you can graduate one of these alternative courses for several hundred dollars versus thousands in the traditional college setting.

So, all of this begs the question, are you still going to go to business school? If you’re there, what’s your big reason for staying?


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