5 Ways to Get Up and Do the Work (nod to Steven Pressfield)

I’m reading Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work. I’ve been reading it for several years. Haven’t finished it yet, but that’s not the point. In the meantime, I’ve launched several new businesses, written several new books that published for the Kindle, and become the owner of the largest comic book collection in South Carolina. I’ll eventually finish the book, but it’s the working through it that’s been of most benefit to me in battling the Resistance that Pressfield talks about.


If you know of the book, you know it’s tiny. It’s short. Lots of the writing is in a big font. There’s not a lot of words in it. In other words, it’s just right. It’s perfect.

I’m willing to bet that you have a big project in mind that you’ve either never started or never finished (i.e. shipped). Like my friend Dan Miller likes to say, “Is your music still in you?” I think it’s time you get off your arse and finish that project and ship it. A friend of mine tells me every time he sees me that he has a book inside him. He’s writing it in his head right now and taking notes when it spills over. I haven’t seen a hard copy yet though, nor have I seen that orgasmic joy that comes with giving birth to a project, work, or venture that is written in a person’s DNA waiting to escape. With him in mind, I wanted to help you out with a step-by-step list of instructions.

  1. Buy Steven Pressfield’s book Do the Work
  2. Read it! I know, it should be implied in #1, but how many of you buy books you never read?
  3. Use my cheat note handout (see below) to plot your project. It’s all from Steven’s book.
  4. Hire me to help with your project at any point from brainstorming to shipping the finished project
  5. Do the work!
  6. Ship it!
  7. Collect money and fame from your project
  8. Start over again at step 2 with a new project
  9. Repeat often

Do the Work001


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Up and Do the Work (nod to Steven Pressfield)

  1. I see a lot of the work you’re already doing online. I’d say you’re already doing pretty good, unless there’s a new project waiting inside you battling to get out. I’m real anxious to see what Grace does in the coming years. I’m looking for something along the lines of an Eragon novel.

  2. Right now, the only projects I have in mind are in production. Well, except cooking spaghetti, but that will come later today. 😉

    I can’t wait to see what Grace produces! I know she has so many things knocking around in her head right now. She has a hard time determining which ideas are good enough to follow through with, but I think she’ll get better about that with time. Maybe. I have tons of projects that I’ve left behind…perhaps she will, too. Whatever she does, I’m certain it will be fabulous. 🙂

  3. Have you ever visited the Puttylike.com? It’s a girl I met at the World Domination Summit in Portland. She’s all about multipotentialites like me. You may be one too!

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