I’m Raising Homeschool Geeks

Here’s a couple of my recent published articles. I have a few more from the past year that I haven’t reprinted, but I also have some bad news. I won’t be writing these columns in print much longer. I have some other projects I’m working on, and the magazines that I’m publishing in really don’t pay much. Don’t worry though, I’ll be continuing the writings here.

The first article is from my Homeschool Tips column. It’s about using geek knowledge to teach your kids. A good friend of mine over at Nerd in the Brain is doing this in a big way, so be sure to follow her blog.

Geek Homeschooling001

Geek Homeschooling002

Geek Homeschooling003

The next article is from my Time to Relax column that’s published in Transitions magazine. This one talks about Mountain Man Soap, Multipotentialites, and the latest Dresden book by Jim Butcher.

Mountain Man Soap_Mar 2013001

Mountain Man Soap_Mar 2013002




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