The New Lady Jaye Rocks GI Joe

Me and the flying monkeys went to see GI Joe Retaliation last night. The pic below is of my middle monkey dressed up as Roadblock. I realize there’s a huge amount of irony here. Roadblock is supposed to be a big black guy, but my dude is a little white kid. It’s alright, though. He wasn’t a big black guy in the movie either.


The Rock, the guy who did play Roadblock, was just pure awesome, but the character that really caught my eye for several obvious reasons was Lady Jaye, played by Adrianne Palicki. I thought I’d do a short list of things that popped in my head during the movie.

  • In the old days she was always really butch. I always kind of expected her civilian clothes to include flannel and pair of big brown Timberland work boots if you know what I mean. It’s nice to see that the movie actually made her feminine in a really butt-kickery kind of way.
  • They really need to make an action figure of her in that red dress.
  • It was nice to see at the end of the movie that they made her character a Marine. The comic book version was Army.
  • They really need to make an action figure of her in that workout outfit.
  • They hinted at the possibility of romance between her and Flint in the movie, but the movie version of Flint was pretty weak. In the comics she and Flint eventually married.

On an end note, it was a good move killing off Channing Tatum’s character. Although the banter between him and The Rock at the beginning was funny, his superbly deplorable acting would’ve killed the movie. There’s no room for Magic Mike in the Joe’s.


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