A Day in the Life of Dr. Dave

One of the biz magazines, I think it’s Inc., publishes a ‘day in the life of’ series that focuses on business CEO’s. It’s a good column and showcases interesting information about the inside track of  busy business leaders. I thought I’d do the same. (*afternote- writing this was pretty enlightening for me)

Here’s an average day in my life. Bear in mind that this is just an average day. Not average days frequently involve travel, lecturing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, field trips with the kids, or other activities.


0720- This is when my alarms go off. This gives me time to return my body to homeostasis (pee) and get my shoes on for my morning workout.

0730- My morning workout usually consists of weight training or martial arts. My current martial arts workout is a hybrid system that I’ve adopted from various instructors over the years. After years of katas and forms I no longer do the traditional stuff for my workouts. Now the training focuses mostly on the axiom of the Dog Brothers, which is Die Less Often.

0830- Breakfast with just me and the boys. My wife is still asleep. I do my Bible study while eating breakfast.

0900- I get the boys started on their first homeschool lesson. I check my e-mail for any priority messages. I also type at least a thousand words in one of my ongoing book projects. I have several going at one time, so this gives me a variety to work on depending on my mood.

Sometime between 0930 and 1030- I drive on into my office.

1030- My biggest consulting client ( I have a five figure contract with this company) is in the same building as my office, so my first task is to stop in and check on him. Depending on what he needs for any upcoming projects, I may spend anywhere from 15 minutes in general conversation to an hour checking things out.

1100- I descend upon my sanctum sanctorum, fire up the computer, read the paper, and asssemble the days projects by priority. The rest of the working day will be spent on these projects. For instance, today I have a contract with a client who’s paying me to track down some hard-to-find items. I’ll spend most of the day on this task.

1145- I check my e-mail before leaving for lunch.

1200- I head home for lunch with my family. As often as possible, I try to eat lunch at home with my family. Aside from the eating, they usually fill me in on their school day thus far. Maybe we work on an assignment together. Sometimes I eat lunch out with clients. I have a lot of counseling and consulting clients that meet me over a working lunch.

1330- Back to the office and the day’s project.

1600- I start shutting down for the day. I check e-mail again. I close out my projects and clean the office by putting away all the work-in-progress stuff and planning the next day’s work.

1700- Leave for home. On a normal day from 5 to 6 me and the boys head outside to play before supper. It’s usually frisbee, wiffle ball, running through the woods, or something. On a not normal day it might be Cub Scouts or a practice or game for one of the sports they’re involved in.

1800- Supper with the family. The boys catch me up on their day, and we do some type of leadership study. Right now, we’re reading through a John Maxwell book together.

1900- Playtime with the boys, family movie night, or whatever we decide to get into. Many times me and the boys will get in some type of exercise like bike riding or trail running.


2100- The boys go to bed, and I’ll often fire up the computer again to work on something while watching tv. My tv tastes range from sci-fi to completely mindless drivel. Right now my two current watches on Netflix are Battlestar Gallactica and Gossip Girl.

2300- I’ll usually shut down at 11 and sit down to read. I’m currently reading a book about wine tourism. I don’t drink at all, but it’s a fascinating tome about this segment of the food tourism industry. I’m constantly working on coffee projects for my Coffee Scholar business, so I’m picking up some great tips from the book.

0000- Sometime between midnight and 0100 I’ll lay down to bed. I’ll read there for a few minutes to get sleepy.

People constantly ask me how I get so much done. I own several businesses that I stay moderately attached to. I have my own Cultural Architect practice that I run. I also Pastor a church. Then I do about a 100 other things for income, fun, or relaxation. As you can see from an average day, I really don’t spend that much actual time working. It’s all about efficiency.


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