Science Fiction Awesomeness from Allen Watson

I get a lot of perks in what I do. Because I get into so much and my clients and friends represent such a cross-section of culture I experience so many things that make other people say “What!?! That’s so cool!” One of my favorite perks is the ability to read advance copies of books before they get published. Sometimes it’s merely to write a review. Sometimes it’s a gift from a publisher. Other times, it’s an opportunity to critique, proofread, and edit a work before the rest of the world sees it.

I just finished reading an advance copy of The Doll by Taylor Stevens. It’s the third installment in the Vanessa Michael Munroe series that started with The Informationist. Her books are the absolute top of my list in the suspense, mystery, and crime genres. Way better than the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. The Doll doesn’t come out until the summer, so you have time right now to immediately go on Amazon to order the first two books so you can read them before it comes out. The go immediately and pre-order the third one. If you’re a fan of the genre, I promise you’ll love it. If you don’t, feel free to message me so I can explain how crazy you are. Not only are the books awesome, but Ms Stevens is one of the most personable and amazing authors I have ever met (at least digitally speaking).


Another book that I’m reading right now as an editor is the first novel by Allen Watson. It’s the first installment in a science fiction series called Journey of the Kings. I’m only in chapter three so far, but this book is an amazing work. I have good street cred to say that too. I’ve been an avid science fiction geek since I saw the original Star Wars movie in the theatre in 1977 as a wee two-year-old. I’m also the owner of the largest private comic book collection in South Carolina.

There’s an amazing story behind this book too. Allen is in his twenties and penned this thing in about a month. He is the perfect example of someone who has a mark of excellence inside him that’s just waiting to bust out in a big way. He’s the antithesis of the oft noted quotation by Oliver Wendell Holmes that says “Don’t die with your music still in you.” He’s already at work on the second installment while this one sits with editors and proofreaders. He’s not chancing any mistakes with it. He enlisted an amazing artist for the cover. He has a team of half a dozen editors (at least) looking through it.

Allen’s music is coming out in the pages of this novel.

His book probably won’t be ready until this summer either, but I have two perks for you right now.

First, check out his blog HERE and you can keep up with the progress and get an idea about his writing.

Second, here’s the synopsis of the book…

Agent Seth Morning was the best operative the CIA had, but when he was offered the chance to be on the first voyage of human colonists to a new planet, he couldn’t say no. His job was to train a group of students to become future leaders on the new planet, or at least he thought that was his job. What he didn’t know was that some of the voyage leaders had other plans for those kids.

Morning had a son, but his son didn’t know he even had a father. Benjamin had lived in an orphanage his whole life until a strange man scooped him up and put him on a trip through the galaxy. He quickly became the best pupil at the Academy, clearly the smartest and most physically capable student aboard.

When Seth Morning discovered that there were other plans for his students, his son included, he had to work quickly to neutralize both internal and external threats. Father and son must work together to ensure the safety of not only the other students, but fifty thousand colonial voyagers as well.


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