Shame and Honor as a Personal Philosophy

Dr. Doug Dorman from Your Next Step Institute taught for me yesterday at The Pilgrimage. He mentioned the concept of ‘Shame and Honor’ several times. It’s a way of looking at things from a different perspective. It’s the way most eastern cultures look at life, which is radically different from our western way of ‘Right and Wrong’.

His class yesterday changed me. I’m thinking differently now. Have you ever felt like somehow your personal philosophy and the way you thought felt out of place with everything around you? You try to be yourself, but it never clicks? After his class yesterday a lot of things started to click for me. Today at lunch I taught a lesson to my boys during homeschool on the concept of ‘Shame and Honor’. Our family is going to start doing things differently.

It’s a lot like the picture below. There comes a time when you have to choose. You’re confronted with…

Jumping into a new life or getting by in the old one

Adventure or complacency

Laziness or awesomeness

Doing things different or the same

Which choice are you confronted with right now? For me, right now, I’m choosing Shame and Honor. It’s time for you to make your choice too.

Wake Up and Choose_Shield 5_001

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