Sartorial Musings

Here’s another batch of my sartorial musings.

So, it looks like Nancy Drew has been updated. I have to admit from a purely dude point-of-view that I admire the schoolgirl uniforms. There’s just something off though. I always liked how Nancy was kind of classy and elegant. Her sexiness for us guys that admired her from afar came from a pretty face, nice not-too-revealing clothes, and her intelligence. The girl was a rock star amateur detective. She’s not supposed to be a girl that guys lust after. She’s supposed to be the girl we all want to marry.



Hmmm…an article on male stereotypes classified by what kind of bags they carry. I picked the bags that I’m frequently seen with, like my Saddleback Leather briefcase.



I don’t drink Scotch, but I’m seriously thinking about it now.


I’m having a bit of a Fight Club moment here, with a nod to Brad Pitt…”Is this what real men look like?” I’d like to get these guys into a ring and just beat the crap out of them for looking so pretty.


*Disclaimer- Everything I Know About Fashion I Learned from the Military, Watching Porn, Stealing My Wife’s Old Fashion Mags, Reading Comic Books, and Ron Swanson.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Sartorial Musings

  1. Via Facebook- Sara wrote: “I dislike the wardrobe change very much. That aside, my question is (and it’s a loaded one) why can’t Nancy be both sexy and the marrying kind? 🙂 Why the dichotomy of intelligence versus lust-appeal? Does this segregation stem from men, who feel it necessary to maintain separate compartments for these qualities? Is the idea of both of these women existing in one form difficult to fathom and complex to the point of inducing headache and confusion, or is it truly impossible to be both? I often wonder about this. #totalpackage #burningquestions”

  2. Good question and one to delve into my psych training. It’s a strange dichotomy where the new Nancy Drew is the type guys look at and later think “oh, she’s got a brain too”. Even then, they can’t look away easily, i.e. “my eyes are up here”. Don’t get me wrong, the old Nancy Drew was drop dead sexy but not in a way only related to her looks. She was classy and elegant and inspired admiration more than lust. First, she would wow people with her brain and then they’d notice that she was really pretty too. It’s not an easy thing to bridge, not unlike myself right now. I present to the eye like an outlaw biker or, as I prefer, a modern-day Viking, so I so enjoy then presenting my academic side almost like…”Whabam! I just Sheldon’ed you!” It’s really fun at conferences where they read the academics on research papers and then see me for the first time. At that point I almost seem like a white Cornell West or an eccentric professor. The Nancy Drew thing got me personally though because after seeing those short skirts, the schoolgirl uniforms, and those awesome leather high boots in the opening frame, I completely forgot it was Nancy.

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