What’s In Your Go Bag?

As doomsday prepping and the chance of a global catastrophe become more and more popular and possible, respectively, more people are preparing Go Bags. These are simply bags with a few items in them to prepare for unseen situations. Some people look at the use of Go Bags as paranoia. Some people prepare them purely out of paranoia. I prefer to look at what you carry in yours and allow that to decide if you’re crazy or just prepared.

For a lot of us, it’s a little different. I’ve had a Go Bag of some kind since the day I entered the Marine Corps. I actually have several. I have a daily bag that I carry. I have a backpack that will last me 72 hours in a small disaster or a deployment until larger resources respond to our location. In my house I also have a box that is meant to act as a 72 hour bag for my family in case we need to evacuate. You’ve got to remember though that I have over two decades of experience in either military, Federal, or civilian disaster service. I’ve always been at risk for deploying somewhere. I also live 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in a hurricane prone area. So, don’t think me paranoid, just overly Boy Scout-ish.

The photo below is my daily Go Bag along with a list of the items I carry. Send me yours. My e-mail is info@drdavidpowers.com. If I get some good pics, I’ll run a contest and post the best ones. Ladies, your purse can count if you’re willing to show us what you carry.

Go bag

Starting from the top-

1. Glock 27 with one magazine loaded with hollow points in a Blackhawk Serpa holster. No matter what the naysayers think about Glocks, this baby has never let me down.

2. Badge. Good for not getting shot on a scene or using for discount movie tickets.

3. Alcohol hand sanitizer. I’m a bit of germaphobe.

4. Sharpie

5. Ink pen

6. Chapstick with sunscreen. This is the same stuff I use when I’m mountain climbing.

7. 20′ 550 paracord. You can use this for anything like expedient car repairs or even tying up captives.

8. Visual translation cards. These are great in other countries or when you run across foreign speakers in the US. These came in really handy on the ambulance.

9. Multi-function flashlight with a strobe.

10. Altoids in my favorite flavor…licorice.

11. Gerber multitool

12. Mini Bible. It’s a lightweight booklet with lots of verses on different subjcts.

13. First aid kit with trauma shears

Your turn. What’s in your daily Go Bag?
This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at http://www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!



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