New School MBA- A Lesson from the Book of Acts

I was doing my regular daily Bible study this morning and came across a passage I thought fit neatly into my ideas not only about MBA programs and business school, but most college degree programs.

In Acts 4:13 in the King James version the Bible says, “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.”

I find it very interesting that these unlearned and ignorant men did so much. Apparently, the learned Jews and Romans found it interesting as well. It gets even more interesting when you go back to the Greek wording and find that the terms used can also mean unlettered and uninstructed.

How dare these men with no advanced college degrees go out there and do something amazing and magnificent!

It’s the same way in our contemporary age. There are very few jobs out there that you actually need an advanced degree for, other than the fact that someone somewhere decided it should be a requirement on a job application.

These guys sat at the feet of Jesus for three-and-a-half years for their education. They learned so much that the educated guys marvelled. In the time it would take to get a bachelor’s degree Peter and John learned from experience. Is there a mentor out there somewhere in your field of interest that you can learn from? A Dan or a Kevin Miller? Maybe a Robert Kiyosaki or Tim Ferriss?

Don’t waste your money on a degree if you’re better served by experience and mentorship. It worked in the Bible in 1st century AD. It works now. 

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


One thought on “New School MBA- A Lesson from the Book of Acts

  1. Great, great post brother, and thanks a ton for the mention. Such a tragedy that the day’s of apprenticing are primarily gone, traded in for day’s of memorization, following rules and mastering…nothing.

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