Who Should Play Vanessa Michael Munroe in the Movie from Taylor Stevens’ Novels?

Welcome to my contest to name the actress who should play the part of Vanessa Michael Munroe in a movie. Many thanks to all of the Taylor Stevens readers who entered my contest and especially to Ms Stevens for graciously allowing me to host it! Now, I realize that some of you may not be familiar with Taylor Stevens’ books or her main heroine. Shame on you if that’s you! Click on this link HERE immediately and buy her first book The Informationist.

It was a hard choice picking the winner, as the entrants came in with some amazing ideas. It was a virtual who’s who of both top and up and coming actresses. I loved this comment from one of the entries…”totally want someone few people know. I’d scour Cannes to find that just right person. Anyone with a name will draw in some and put off others. Having someone truly become Monroe and define her would be amazing. For now, I just want more books!”


I made my pick based on two main things- who I thought would be best to play the role in VMM’s many looks and disguises and also who might be young enough to carry the role through several films. Huge actresses scare me in roles like this, because they come into it with their own egos and issues. If you need an example of that, you can see what happened when Jack Reacher got shrunk down into the Tom Cruise sized person in his movie. Cruise did a great job, but it wasn’t Jack Reacher. With that said, if I were to choose based simply on star power and ability, I would go with Hillary Swank. There was one entry, though, that I liked even better. I’ll reveal her at the end of the post.

Here’s an alphabetical list of the entries along with comments from fans…

Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice. She is beautiful and can kick butt!

Marie Avgeropoulos who plays a drop dead sexy lunatic in the television show Cult. A good entry would be tough, younger than others mentioned because of the book character. Google her, folks! Being an avid reader of Vanessa Michael Munroe, my selection for Marie would fit the roll very adequately!

Kate Beckinsale, best known for her badassery in the Underworld movies. She would be my choice. She kicked some booty in Underworld so I think she could pull Munroe off nicely. Kate got several votes.

Halle Berry because of her attitude.

Gina Carano, former mixed martial arts champion. She actually kicks ass and is a relatively unknown actress, so no preconceived thoughts. She also happens to be dating Henry Cavill, the new Superman.

Marion Cottillard gets my vote! She can play vulnerable but tough. She played in Batman. ‘Nuff said.

I always see Claire Danes in my head when I am reading about VMM. She is feminine and undoubtedly badass but with the necessary androgynous appeal.

I vote Rosario Dawson. She is a fantastic actress (7 Pounds anyone?) and she looks tough! She is feminine but not overly so, decidedly understated.

Benthe de Vries. She’s a model I’d never heard of, but who has a tremendous androgynous appeal.

In a weird sort of way I think that Dakota Fanning could pull it off.

Sienna Guillory. She played Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil series.

I have some from left field. I think Willa Holland who plays Thea in Arrow would be great.

When I read The Informationist I had Angelina Jolie in my mind so I’m picking her. Angelina garnered several votes.

I think Milla Jovovich would be perfect for the VMM role. She’s already played some badass roles in films like Resident Evil, and The Fifth Element. Milla had several votes.

I’m going out on a limb and suggesting Emily Haines from the band, Metric. She’s not an actress yet, but she looks the part – at least in my mind. While you’re at it, you may as well incorporate their song, The Void, to tie into the theme!

Famke Janssen would be ideal. She has the grit that is needed to bring the part to life.

Keira Knightly. Whenever I read a Munroe book, I see Keira in the much trashed movie Domino, and see her pulling off Munroe like a complete badass; tons of sex appeal & could easily pull off the boy look too.

Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games. She brought in several votes.

Evangeline Lilly

Teresa Palmer who plays 6 in I Am Number Four, real ballsy effort. Teresa is an Aussie too which means she is great as well.

Tatiana Maslany. She is the main character in BBC America’s Orphan Black. She’s definitely showing some versatility in that show! Also, she’d have longevity as she’s still in her 20’s and could more readily continue to play VMM in future films.

Ivana Miličević is pretty badass in Banshee. She was also a longtime star on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ellen Page, an uber cute actress who pulled in a great performance in Inception.

Teresa Palmer who plays 6 in I Am Number Four, real ballsy effort. Teresa is an Aussie too which means she is great as well.

Strangely enough…in my head recently I’ve seen Elsa Pataky. She has that underlying strength- awesome bone structure, lovely accent — but an appearance of fragile beauty. She hasn’t acted much…but it would be interesting.

Andrej Pejic is beautiful as a boy and a girl.

Natalie Portman. She had her head shaved in V for Vendetta. Several votes for Ms Portman, who did look quite striking with a bald pate.

Noomi Rapace (the original Lisbeth Salander) for the part. Multiple votes for Noomi Rapace!

I suggest Michelle Rodriguez.

I like the idea of Mara Rooney who played in the American version of “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”.

I thought Katee Sackhoff would make an excellent VMM.

My first intinct was to say Zoe Saldana. I just think she is amazing! Zoe Saldana is a great choice. She can be a badass.

Colbie Smulders

Suzy Snow, one of our entrants suggested herself. A bold move, but one that got her onto the list. Well played, Miss Snow.

I think Tracy Spiridakos. She is currently in Revolution.

I had pictured Taylor Stevens in the role. Taylor Stevens gets my vote! Who knows the character better?!? I bet she’d be as great an actress as she is a writer.

Kristin Stewart. Strong, independent, rebellious, strong-willed, defiant yet with strong integrity. This young lady who played the lead in the Twilight trilogy of four movies garnered multiple votes.

Emma Stone

My vote would be for Hilary Swank. Tough, inscrutable, leggy and strong. I think Hillary Swank would be a good choice. She got several votes.

Tilda Swinton

Audrey Tautou. Vanessa is a “hummingbird” in size, appearance, spirit and abilities…speed, tenacity, flight, color (iridescence NOT pigment) and torpor. She’d be the perfect actress, but she may be too old to fit the character’s age in the first novel.

Charlise Theron. She can be pretty and tough.

I am also thinking Uma Thurman, although she may be older than the part.

Emma Watson, our leading lady from the Harry Potter series.

And the winner is…Andrej Pejic. She’s a Bosnian born uber model. Her primary acting credits are appearances on reality-based shows. If you’d like to get a good idea of why I picked her, just Google her name and look through the images. She is amazing as both a female and male, which perfectly fits with VMM’s oft-used disguises. So, my brand new hardback edition of Taylor Stevens’ new book The Doll goes to Elisabeth Longman.


Thanks for all the awesome entries!


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