The Apocalypse is Now, or Possibly Later

So , my wife’s been watching old episodes of Dollhouse. I say “old” because I’m hoping Netflix snatches it up to make new episodes. I have to admit that I got a little bored. It became one of those shows that if I fell asleep while watching it, I wouldn’t be mad if my wife kept viewing. Then the last episode of season one grabbed my attention again.

All of season one seemed to go like this- sexy doll, new scenario, sexy doll, FBI, rogue doll, sexy doll and them WHAM…you’re in the apocalypse in Los Angeles in 2019. I don’t know what happened as I’m only just watching the episode right now. I’m liking this extra view of a potential end of the world as we know it episode. The appearance of Felicia Day sure doesn’t hurt either. I find myself wishing Joss Whedon had created more of these Dollhouse episodes than Epitaph One and Epitaph Two.

It’s cool to see alternate worlds and vast universes, but the draw of the apocalypse on Earth has always been my special sweet spot in futuristic fiction.

Even Batman is getting in on the action. I started reading the new Zero Year run in Batman which began in issue 21. I’m always a sucker for origin stories, but this one really captured my attention with an apocalyptic view reminiscent of Fight Club and I Am Legend. As to the Fight Club reference, grab the book and clue in on Tyler Durden’s dream view of an apocalyptic metropolis where we all hunt in the streets and wear clothes made from animal skins.

Batman 21_2013_001

I loved the television show Fringe when it was on, but it was the Walterverse and later on, the new futureline that captured my attention most.

Have any of you seen the Syfy series Defiance? It shows us a future version of Earth involving many alien species, terraforming on earth, and population settlements in Antarctica. It’s pretty good, and the new order seems to be a weird mix of wild western science fiction. My take on it is, what if Captain Mal of the Firefly had a daughter and was stranded on Earth?

I believe my absolute fave vision of a future world where I’d actually enjoy living would be the new television show Revolution. How about you? Of all the apocalyptic views ever presented to us in written, filmed, or audio form, which is your favorite?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The Apocalypse is Now, or Possibly Later

  1. I really enjoyed Dollhouse…Joss and Felicia just can’t go wrong, can they? 🙂

    It’s not exactly a futuristic apocalypic situation…but kind of…I really adored Jericho. I think they did a pretty good job demonstrating how society would react (break down) in a post-nuclear scenario. All of the zombie scenarios are fun, but I find I’m much more intrigued by shows and movies about apocalyptic disease outbreaks or wars.

  2. Yep, I did the same thing! You know the story continues in comics after the show got cancelled, right? 😀 (The same concept as Buffy Season 8 with continuing the story after the show went bye-bye.)

  3. Well great topic for all the nerds. There are so many apocalyptic ways to go. Almost every major comic has had it happen if not once then two or three times. Look at the lore of Thor, they really look forward to theirs. My favorite I think is the Book of Eli. I mean come on, if a blind man can be that awesome I would hope I could survive as well. The use of swords is what I like, as in Revolution. Being able to go one on one like that works better in my favor.

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