Life Experience vs. College Degree (New School MBA)

Which is worth more, a college degree or life experience?

We all know you can get a degree with zero experience. Shoot, you can even get a PhD, become a professor, and teach the degree with zero experience in real life.

It’s also definitely possible to get life experience, a job, and a career with no degree.

It’s even possible to have both.

They’re not synonymous though. One is not necessary for the other. If I had to choose one over the other, I’d go with experience every time.

Think about it. You could spend $50,000 on a degree really easy. You could also live off that same $50,000 in another country, as a nomad, or even a professional bicyclist and come home much more wealthy than the degree would ever provide.

Then, you could still create a dream life, without the degree and keep on gaining that life experence that’s worth way more than indentured servitude via the path of the student loan.

I’m getting ready to hire a part-time staffer to help with many of my projects. I want someone who understands Microsoft Office and Photoshop. Do you think I’m scouring the lists of recent graduates with four year degrees in graphic arts and microcomputer applications? No way. I’m looking at young people doing cool things like cosplay and video games who haven’t been to school yet or maybe even failed out of tech college. I’m looking for people who learned those programs on their own, know their way around them, and have unique life stories about other things than sororities and dorms.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

Pardon My Planet_4.25.13_Equiv Exp


2 thoughts on “Life Experience vs. College Degree (New School MBA)

  1. Hey brother, I caught the reference in here. Someday I’m going to push out an initiative…maybe do it as a big challenge, “Spend $X on college, or use the same amount to invest in a business…” and get some takers.

  2. Glad you saw that! The way your dad tells your story is one of my most oft used examples. That’d be a worthy challenge, and I bet the businessman wins every time.

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