A Global Leadership Summit 2013 Recap

I just wrapped up attending the latest Global Leadership Summit hosted out of Willow Creek Church in Illinois. Every year I sit and stew in the week leading up to the GLS, wondering if I can spare two full days away from the office, if it’s going to be worth it, if I wouldn’t have more fun out playing in the ocean. And yet again, the GLS was the place God intended for me to be.

Here’s my recap and highlights of an awesome couple of days. Just so you know, not all the notes to follow are the speaker’s words. Many of them are notes on how the speaker’s words affected me.


Bill Hybels, Pastor of Willow Creek Church

  • Day one started off with me wondering if Bill Hybels was drawing obscene pictures. He made a great point with his three arrows drawing, but, seriously, that first arrow resembled a…droopy male reproductive organ.
  • Bill’s theme and the theme of much of the conference centered around my personal motto for this year- Walk Unafraid. He used Joshua 1:9 repeatedly.
  • Joshua 1:9- Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
  • How often do you abort your visions and dreams secretly without telling anyone about it or even trying?
  • Visions are commodities from God, to be traded on the exchange of experience and life.
  • There comes a time when you have to transition from vision-casting to putting boots on the ground.

General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and chief expert in bad-assery

  • Gen Powell was so funny. I expected serious, but he was hilarious.
  • “It’s not in my reality.” So what do you need to change to bring it into your reality?
  • Be a problem-solver. It’s a bad thing when your people quit bringing you problems. They either don’t trust you to solve them or they just think you don’t care.

Patrick Lencioni, best-selling author

  • 3 signs of a miserable job are anonymity, irrelevance, and immeasurement.

Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers

  • I’ve had a lot of Diminishers in my life and not many Multipliers. Sadly, many of the Diminishers in my life are Pastors.
  • Be the genius-maker, not the genius.

Joseph Grenny, Vital Smarts

  • Make changes in ‘vital behaviors’- small commitments that change things over time.
  • Leadership is intentional influence.
  • For it to work, anchor change to things. Example- don’t just save money, save money for a new roof.
  • Take part in deliberate practice- hands on practice under realistic conditions.
  • Replace accomplices and Diminishers with friends and coaches.

Dr. Brene Brown, world renowned expert in vulnerability

  • I met Brene in Portland at the 2012 World Domination Summit. I’m not sure if she remembers me though. Brene?
  • Our irreducible needs are love and belonging. In the absence of that you find suffering.
  • If you self-judge when you ask for help, you, by default, hold others in judgement when you offer help.
  • Professing love is easy. How do you practice it?
  • We were born to be brave!
  • You can choose courage or comfort but not both.

Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries

  • Dr. Cloud is awesome. I’ve read his books and led his Boundaries study in church.
  • To break out of downward spirals, stay away from the 3 P’s- Personal (don’t make everything Personal), Pervasive (it’s not everything or all-consuming), Permanent (it won’t always be that way).
  • Log the negative stuff in your head and then do 2 things- dispute it with God’s word and realize that your life is a movie and not just this one scene.

I actually took a lot more notes, but this is the best of the best, the things that can be life-changing for me if I apply it.

Before I wrap, I want to thank my great friend Eileen Soisson for getting me involved so greatly in the GLS effort. I’m looking forward to next year!

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


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