Personal Decompression Time (How Do You Relax)

How do you decompress?

In other words, how do you relieve the pressures of the day?

My method is pretty simple, and it’s like medicine for me.

I like to go out on my back porch about an hour before nightfall with a good book. Just a book. No phone. No kids. Nothing else. The sounds of the day are slowly disappearing to be replaced by the noise of bugs, frogs, and owls. The air is cooler as the sun begins its slow descent.

I read my book until I can’t see the words any longer. Then I put the book down and just sit there for a few more minutes. I just sit there and watch the sky, look toward the woods for lightning bugs, or watch cars drive by. Sometimes I’ll pray. Other times I’ll just sit there and purposelessly think about nothing. Let the mind wander, so to speak.

After only about an hour to an hour and a half of this, I’m ready to go again. I’m better equipped to work late on a project, play with my kids, or just sit down and relax.

I think everyone needs some type of regular decompression time. It doesn’t have to be daily, but it should be a regular occurrence. Too much time without it, and stress will take its toll.

So, I ask again, how do you decompress?


7 thoughts on “Personal Decompression Time (How Do You Relax)

  1. The most frequent way is so cliche. A bubble bath. The more stressed out I am, the more elaborate the bath. Music is almost always included, but if I get all the way to candles & incense, things have been pretty rough.
    ‘Disappearing’ into my mini-get-away in our bedroom, with a book, or singing (with tunes, or acappella), meditation, prayer, a piece of chocolate from my secret stash, allowed to simply melt in my mouth while I savor it…
    My means of re-centering varies, but the main component is always solitude.

  2. Mowing the lawn. Weird, I know. We have close to 4 acres and a push mower, so you can imagine the time involved, but I love it. I just stop thinking and mow. Sometimes I spend the whole time I’m mowing doing nothing but counting the rows I’ve cut so far…I’m afraid that may be a sign of some sort of mental illness though, so I don’t dwell on that much. 😉

    • I can totally get that. The noise of the mower drowns out everything else, and people just don’t bother you much when you’re on a mower.

  3. For me it’s almost always a cup of coffee, usually prepared via a v60(don’t know why, maybe because it’s so hands on) and a seat on the back deck to watch nature, listen, or stare into the woods. We don’t have a covering, so if the weather is junk, I’ll stand in the back door. It’s only 5 to 7 minutes but it is refreshing.

    • I’m drinking a mug of Ethiopian coffee as I read your comment.
      That 5-7 minutes, if it’s right can be absolutely amazing.

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