Yeah! The Kids Are Headed Back to School

It’s that time of year again here in the US. It’s late August and all the public school kids are headed back to school. I’m seeing posts all over Facebook about how happy most of my friends are about it. They seem excited about getting rid of the kids after being stuck with them all summer. They talk about being able to sit and relax. Watching whatever they want on TV. Peace and quiet.

That doesn’t seem right to me.

Part of the reason we homeschool our kids is because we actually want our kids around. We want to be involved in what they learn. We want to be a huge part of the people they become. We don’t want to trust that to a broken system run by overburdened people with no emotional connection to our kids.

We’d rather visit museums and battlefields instead of stale classrooms. We’d rather let them make their own lunches and learn how to cook like chefs instead of eating pink mystery meat. We’d rather spend time with them instead of getting excited about the day when we get to ship them off for 6 hours of the day for another 180 days.

It just doesn’t seem right to me that parents should be happy to get rid of their kids and give away all that parenting time in order to watch TV more, work more, or even relax more. I wonder what the kids think about it…or do they still think on their own?

Look at this picture. Add in a few sewing machines or some tools and you have a sweat shop. If it were puppies instead of kids in a space this small, we’d call the Humane Society. If it’s just kids, it’s ok, though, because we call it school, pay for it with our taxes, and are overjoyed when our kids sit here all day.

Something’s not right about that.



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