Sam Adams Beer and MBA’s (New School MBA)

You might wonder what Sam Adams beer has to do with MBA degrees, aside, of course, from the obvious drunkenness and celebration accompanied by good grades and long nights of studying.

I came a cross a fabulous quote by Sam Adams beer founder Jim Koch in the Costco Connection magazine. In the article he spoke of the company’s Brewing the American Dream philanthropic program. It’s a great program that’s totally altruistic for Koch and The Boston Beer Company. They simply want to help out small businesses.


He had this to say about academic education…

“When I started Sam Adams, I had an MBA from Harvard, I’d spent six years as a manufacturing consultant, but neither of those experiences teaches you the mechanics of starting a business. And that’s everything from designing a label to procuring ingredients to negotiating a real estate lease to making a sales call to working with distributors to setting up a payroll. I didn’t know them. And I had to learn them on my own, by trial and error.”

If you’re sitting in an MBA classroom right now, and you want to start a business someday, then you’re wasting your time and money. You’d be just as well off to buy a homebrewing kit and go home. It’s cheaper and takes less time.

Get out before you waste more time and money and start that business!

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Sam Adams Beer and MBA’s (New School MBA)

  1. Sweet post David. Yep, traditional MBAs are obviously NOT equipping folks to start biz…just another piece of paper to help them get a job with someone else who started a biz, eh?!

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