The Beard as a Symbol of Manliness

Because of my fierce beard and the fact that I like to wear flannel, I sometimes get asked weird questions.

A typical conversation goes like this…

“Hey, are you part of that Duck Dynasty family?”

“No, I just look the part.”

“But what about the…”

“Oh, you asked because of my beard? That’s got nothing to do with ducks or the Robertson clan. I have the beard because I’m a man. What happened to you?”

“Well, my ________________ (Insert proper word here. Examples include wife, girlfriend, job, church, etc) won’t let me have one.”

“I’m sorry for you. Maybe you’ll get your stones back someday and grow one.”

In the meantime, here’s my sweet new comb from Old Familiar Comb Company…


You’re right. It’s laser engraved with my beard club’s logo for The League of Extraordinary Beardsmen.

Here’s a special treat from DC Comics’ First Issue Special 8 starring the Warlord. Notice, though, that he didn’t become The Warlord until he grew some facefur.

Warlord_First Issue Spec 8_Beard001

This next article is good, but am I completely off if I categorize ‘heavy stubble’ as ‘partial manliness’? So, in other words, you’re only allowed as much beard as your woman permits? I do like the part where it says bigger beards make better parents.

Heavy Stubble001

The first story arc in the new Thor God of Thunder series from Marvel Comics was pretty entertaining with some Thor vs. Thor vs. Thor action.

Thor God of Thunder 7_beard vs no beard_2013_001

Thor God of Thunder 8_2013_001

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Beard as a Symbol of Manliness

  1. My husband also rocks a beard, and I love it! He doesn’t get questions about his beard, but he sure does get questions and stares because of his waist-long (beautiful, wavy, glorious) hair. 😀 I think your beard is awesome!

  2. I think the best beards are framed by either a bald head or long man hair. It just looks best that way.

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