DC’s New Post-Apocalyptic Vision in Hinterkind

I stopped into a local comic shop yesterday to find that their weekly new shipment hadn’t arrived yet. I hate going into a small business like that and not buying anything, so, on a whim, I picked up issue 1 of DC’s new series Hinterkind. I was pleasantly surprised, nay, more than pleasantly when I saw the opening scene was a zebra hunt on top of skyscraper in post-apocalypse Manhattan.

My favorite post-apocalypse visions occur in cities. What do people do in the urban areas after the big bad? What happens when animals start moving in? It’s like the lion scene in the I Am Legend movie or Fight Club’s description of hunters in the steel graveyard of buildings.


The comic is written by Ian Edginton with art by Francesco Trifogli. Here’s a description from the Vertigo website-

“Men go and come, but Earth abides.”— Ecclesiastes 1:4 Decades after “The Blight” all but wiped out the human race, Mother Nature is taking back what’s hers, and she’s not alone…The Hinterkind have returned. From the last, lost corners of the world they come, a myriad menagerie of myth and magic…but these aren’t childhood fairytale creatures. They are flesh, blood and passion, and they have a long-simmering hatred for those who drove them into the shadows: The human race!”

I realy enjoyed the art and story and am quite intrigued by plot elements raised in the first issue. I’ll be giving this one a go to see where Ian will take it. If you’re a fan of apocalyptic or fairy tale-ish stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. All I can say about the end of this issue is, “Poor Unicorn.”

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!



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