The Life of an Up and Coming Alternative Model

Just for the fun and excitement of it I started taking on a few modeling gigs here and there. Then I realized I could start making some decent money at it.


Now, I’m no supermodel. I don’t get to wear $10 million underwear at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Modeling doesn’t make up a significant percentage of my income. And I’m not pretty. I said it. It’s ok. That’s not a self-deprecating statement. It’s just the truth. I don’t fit into any of the classic or modern descriptions of beauty. Other words describe me that I’m perfectly cool with though, like…





It’s because of those factors that I fit into the odd, new, but highly sought after category of the job known as alternative modeling. I have features and facets that the standard supermodels can’t replicate. I’m not paperthin. I have what I prefer to call a viking figure. I’m big but not overly muscular. I’m only 5’11 but at 245 pounds I have a lot of muscle packed onto my frame without appearing obese at all. That fact really bugs me because on all the medical height/weight charts I rate as morbidly obese at those numbers. I also have tattoos. And my most awesome feature is a fierce bright red beard. That’s something you usually don’t see on male supermodels. I think it’s mainly because they haven’t grown into being men yet.


If you’re doing a photo shoot, or a commercial, or a feature where you need a guy that’s not quite the norm, give me a call. Not only am I free, but I think this stuff is a blast. So far, my work includes tv commercials for the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, a restaraunt in Poland, a feature film on Fiverr still in production, and other gigs like this one for Mountain Man Soap.

My secret that I’ll reveal to you…I someday want to play a named extra in a movie. I’m envisioning something like Outlaw Biker #2 or Bearded Thug.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!



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