Jessica Chastain Rocks the Vogue (The Sanctimonious Sartorialist Speaks)

I received the latest copy of Vogue in the mail today and was overjoyed to see the cover taken over by a ginger. And none other than Jessica Chastain, my fave actress from the male-dominated Zero Dark Thirty movie.

Editor Anna Wintour ventured into futurist territory in her column. “I have always preferred to look forward and not back,” she said waxing poetic about Marc Jacobs. I admire this view. Too many people rely on a previous accomplishment all their lives and strive to do no more, as if that feat were the pinnacle prior to a downhill slope of living on that event. Think of all the motivational speakers who always talk about a summit of Everest 20 years gone or an Olympic medal won 6 Olympics games ago. What have you done since then Mr. Speaker?

I admire the folks of any age who did something awesome and keep doing awesome things. Chapter One may be over, but it’s not the whole book. Time to write Chapter Two. Outside of fashion, think about Bill Gates. Instead of writing a new chapter, he started an entire new book with his philanthropic ventures.

As Marc Jacobs’ sixteen year run at Louis Vuitton closes, it’ll be interesting to see how his next chapter reads.

I think the photographer should’ve cropped this Bottega Veneta ad a little better. It looks like this model only has one leg. Moving the right leg a tiny bit and possibly showing more of the right shoe would keep the effect and not give us the idea that she’s missing a limb. If that was the desired effect, then please keep on truckin’.


Seriously folks? A Camel ad in Vogue? Who signed off on this? If you’re going to feature tobacco ads in Vogue, at least choose something with a little class.


It’s one thing to see beauties parading on the runway, but it’s a fabulous difference altogether to see a creator showing off her own designs. Here’s Alessandra Faccinetti in her own garb looking vastly more striking than the professional models.


I agree Banana, but only if the figure supports it.


It bugs me, even with superheroines, when the bra and panties do not match. As long as they look good, and you’re fighting crime, I’ll excuse it.

Batgirl 22001

I’m sure EOS has a great product, but I’m also thinking these little containers might make an appearance in a red room in a movie coming out soon based on a book about varying shades of grey. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how they’ll be used. Just don’t forget that lip balm will melt under warmer temperatures.


Animal prints, when done right, are pure awesome. Done wrong or wrapped on the wrong size animal and you have a taxonomic disaster.


This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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