Be Brave Enough for Kindness

I’m taking a class called Cultivating Courage from Andrea Scher at Superhero Life. I met Andrea several years ago at the World Domination Summit and was really impressed with her and her life’s work. I’m really enjoying the class and the way it’s challenging me to live courageously.

That may sound funny coming from me. After all, I’m the guy who ran toward gunfire in the Marines, drove code 3 to fires and car wrecks as a paramedic, and flew to disaster sites with Homeland Security. I don’t need courage do I? Turns out I did. I just needed it in other areas. Every day of the class is challenging me to show courage in areas I’m not as comfortable in. It’s great stuff.

A recent class focused on courage through kindness. Andrea gave some great tips for how to do that. I got her permission to reprint some of her ideas. The following is from her…

Some ideas for your kindness mission:

1. Do something kind for your neighborhood.  A wish tree is something I have been wanting to do for ages. You simply invite people to write their wishes on manila shipping tags (or colorful tags ones!) and to hang them on the tree when they are done. It becomes a dynamic art piece in your community with such a positive message. (Yoko Ono has done a lot of them over the years)

Also, free libraries are cropping up all over the place. They are so inspiring! They remind me of gigantic bird houses where people can take books and leave books. Check out all of the different kinds here. Don’t you want one in front of your house?

2.  Write a letter (or send an email) of appreciation to an old teacher, a friend, an old boss or mentor, or maybe a family member.

3. Cook food for someone and leave it for them.

4. Write a kind note in sidewalk chalk outside of someone’s house.

5. Leave some of these “Take what you need” posters in your neighborhood. (Beautifully done by Kelly Rae Roberts) You can download them here.

6. Pay someone’s way. Have you ever done this? Gone through the toll booth at the bridge and paid for the person behind you? SO much fun. Or, if you see someone’s meter is about to run out, put a couple of quarters in there and imagine their delight. (Or yours since they might never know! 😉

8. Here’s an easy one that we can all do TODAY: Smile at a stranger. Really connect with them. Meet their eyes and smile. (Extra credit if you say hello or pay them a sincere compliment)

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

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