The Many Headed Beast That is Me

December is my planning month. I like to slow down my actual busy work for the remainder of each year to analyze and plan for the coming one. My big step for 2014 will be the congregation of my various business ventures. I’ll be formalizing relationships with some of my side businesses and teams to bring them under the umbrella, so to speak.

If you’re interested in contract opportunities with us, drop me a line at If you’d like to know more about me, check out my website or watch this sweet bio video that The Ad Twins made for me…

Welcome to the many headed beast that will be Dr. David Powers and Subsidiaries in 2014…

Personal Efforts-

Speaking and Teaching– I speak at a number of conferences and gatherings each year. I’m hoping to expand that to include more conferences where I give multiple lectures at the same event. I actually have a style consultant that is helping me now with my image for these events.

Sponsors- I obtain sponsorships from various businesses that align with my message and businesses. I wear and use their gear as a Brand Ambassador. My big new sponsor for this year was Mountain Man Soap.

Multiple Streams of Income- Multiple streams that I also draw income from include grants, fellowships, awards, blogs, Youtube, online classes, licensing, direct sales, Amazon sales, artwork on Society 6, affiliate sites, and cash parking domain names, among other things.

Team Efforts-

C3- C3 includes coaching, counseling, and consulting. Because of time constraints I’ll be moving away from one-on-one sessions to work more with small group counseling, business consulting, and expanding the offerings from my think tank, which is heavily staffed by geeks and nerds. Imagine the crew from Big Bang Theory working on a business contract.

PsyOps- PsyOps is a team I use for influence and control measures for clients. Right now, my team is currently working on a black file for a court case. Think of the crew from Scandal, with the main difference being that Kerry Washington is prettier than me.

The Pilgrimage– I pastor a small faith community that meets in my office on Sundays and hosts a mastermind group on Wednesday nights, in addition to other things.

Warehouse 14- The warehouse started out as an online enterprise to start selling off my vast personal collection of comic books and collectibles, but it’s evolved into something else. In 2014 the space we use for Warehouse 14 will become a bit of a social club, hosting game and movie nights.

Graveside Services– The online portion of Warehouse 14 will be moving to the Graveside store portal. That’s where you’ll be able to order items online from the comic book collection.

Publishing– I publish an average of a dozen new works every year. Most of them are my own writings, but I signed two new authors this year and will be producing their works as well. Most of the books are available through Kindle only, although they also be available in hard copy in 2014.

Big things to expect in 2014…

Intern Challenge- Stay tuned for this one. I’ll be running a contest early in 2014 for a new intern. The job will include some really fun work, opening up new projects, and a free place to live only a mile away from the beach.

Doing Good- In February I’ll be launching a new crowdsourcing project on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It will involve an international trip, lots of artwork, a human rights mission, and coffee.



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