My 2013 Recap- Better or Worse, You Tell Me

This is my annual recap of the year. I hope you enjoy. For statistical purposes, I included changes from 2012, but HERE is that original recap post if you want to see it for yourself.

For your added enjoyment, here’s a kid pic of me to ooh and ahh over.

DWP Age 2b 001

Here’s my 2013 recap…

Made over 300 entries in my personal journal, which showed more regularity than the previous year.

Started 6 new streams of income and ended one. Sometimes you have to stop doing things in order to add new ones.

Read 37 books. This is down 9 from last year, but on purpose. I still want to enjoy reading a lot, but slower so I can get more from the books. In 2011 I read over 100 books, but felt that I lost something in the memorization and comprehension.

Made my annual January polar bear plunge with my boys.

Spent 23 days out of town travelling. This is down from last year. We need to travel more in 2014. in 2013 we only visited 4 states, and none of these were new ones.

Only played golf 3 times, which is pitiful. My average score was 108. I still want to get to the point where my average score is below 100.

Published 6 new books. I plan on upping this one by a huge number in 2014.

Spoke publicly 203 times, which broke down into 49% in churches, 6% at public events, 35% at corporate locations, 6% at colleges and universities, and 4% for government entities.

Attended 128 lectures, conferences, and classes. I don’t want to ever stop learning. This is up quite a bit from last year, as I placed a greater focus on my own continuing education.

Joined my boys for over 100 sports events and homeschool field trips. I also ate lunch with them 231 times, which is a big plus for me. Not many people have the opportunity to eat lunch with their families very often.

I ate out 204 times.

I drank 192 cups of coffee and 144 soft drinks. I’d like to see an inverse relationship there as the coffee goes up and the soft drinks go down.

Held 476 client meetings, counseling sessions, and business meals.

Wrote over 300 blog posts on various websites that were viewed 54,094 times from 151 countries.

Worked out 168 times.

All this may seem like a lot, but because I didn’t meet all of my goals I do not consider 2013 to be a banner year. Here’s a toast to a more awesme 2014!

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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