Take Time for the Big Problems

Everyone should take some time for themselves to work on the big problems in life.

I do this over coffee with my good friend Mark. He has an office next door to mine. I’ve known him forever. I first met him in a rock climbing class that he was teaching at the local university. I was still in high school, and it was my first taste of climbing. Since then, we served in the same Marine Corps unit. We worked as partners for over a decade on an ambulance. We’ve been on climbing trips together. And we solve global issues over coffee.

When Mark’s off work, and I’m in the office, I’ll walk over at about 2:30. He’ll have a new pot of coffee brewing, and that time of day is usually a transition point for me. We drink a few mugs of coffee and, over about half an hour, brainstorm and solve big issues. It’s an informal, caffeine-fueled think tank.

Some of the things we’ve worked on…

  • legalization of marijuana
  • abolishing the IRS and instituting a new tax system
  • peace in the Middle East
  • rebuilding the education system in America
  • child-rearing

We’ve hit on a lot of other issues too. Some of our ideas make it out of the office. Others are just pure speculative ponderings. It’s a good time though. It’s all about fellowship with a friend and thinking about issues beyond ourselves. You don’t have to do this over coffee, or with a friend, or in your office, but what do you do during the day to encourage free thought, work on other people’s issues, or even decompress? Find something that can do that for you. It’ll make you feel better, and, who knows, maybe you’ll solve one of those big issues.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!



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