Don’t Be a Wuss

Yeah, really. You need to quit being a wuss.

Let me tell you who I’m talking about, and you decide if it applies to you too.

I have a friend. This friend was very vocal and public about her bucket list. I thought I’d do what I could to help. After all, most items on people’s bucket lists can be completed through networking.

Let’s stop here to make two important points. Number one, don’t make bucket lists. They speak of death and waiting until the end to do something. Don’t wait until the end. Do it now instead. Make a Mondo Beyondo list that speaks to living an awesome life now. Number two, an item on my personal list is to sing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song with Dave Matthews. If anyone knows Dave, please hook me up.

Back to my friend. An item on her list was a 5K, which seemed like an easy goal to me, since I’ve run several marathons and innumerable 5K’s. So, I messaged her and invited her to run a race with me. I told her I’d stick with her the entire time and walk, run, and crawl with her to help her complete the goal. And, boom! Like a floodgate the excuses poured out.

“I work too much.” Hint…you’ll always be working too much. Just make time. Don’t wait for it.

“I’m out of shape.” Hint…what better way to get in shape. I was never in shape for my marathons.

“I’m not off on Saturday.” Hint…you ever tried asking?

“I’m not ready.” Hint…you never will be.

I’m sure you guessed the end result. She never ran a 5K in 2013. It’s still on her bucket list. I ran that 5K,  and then turned around and ran the kids’ race with my youngins. My advice to her now would not be “join me for this race”. Instead, it would be something along the lines of “quit being a wuss and do something”.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!




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