Dang, It’s Been a Good Day

You ever had one of those days that was a really good day. Not a great day where you win the lottery but not a crappy day either. It’s just one of those good days where everything goes smooth. Too many really great days would spoil us, but a lifetime full of good days makes the world go round.

I started today out with just a normal wake up and breakfast.

It taught a class on teambuilding to a group of municipal employees anxious to become new leaders and make change in their organization.

I had lunch at a great Italian place with a fellow Marine friend. We talked about friends, family, and Game of Thrones.

Now I’m at my office just catching up. No deadlines. No tasks due today. Just getting some busy work done while a good cop show plays on the second monitor.

I’ll probably leave the office early and take my boys swimming at a local indoor pool.

Then my wife and I will likely dig into Game of Thrones season 2 before bed.

Dang, it’s been a good day.



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