How to Poop Like a Warrior

I just finished reading an awesome post on The Art of Manliness about how samurai poop. Go read it HERE. It’s awesome! The focus is that even while doing the dirty of dirties, they would poop in a manner that still allowed them to fight from the toilet.

I’m kinda weird in that respect too. During my morning Sheldon Cooper time, I always strip naked and hang my clothes on the bathroom door. I do it that way for 2 reasons.

1. You can’t defend yourself from enemies with your pants around your ankles.

And #2 I learned from the esteemed physician-philosopher Dr. John Michael Dorian…

2. Humans are the only animals that stay clothed when they go to the bathroom. It’s unnatural to stay dressed when you do this.

And there you go. Something to ponder this week.


One thought on “How to Poop Like a Warrior

  1. Hmmm….aren’t humans pretty much just the only animals that stay dressed under most circumstances? 🙂 (I do love that J.D.!) Enjoy your pooping…and may you never be attacked by sword-wielding maniacs while you’re taking care of business. 😉

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