If Your Life Sucks, Please Change It or Crawl in a Hole

Recently, I sat down for dinner with a couple of people talking about work, family, and life in general. It started out like most conversations, but quickly went sour. One of the guests, we’ll call her Medusa,  just could not stop talking about work and how much it sucked, and I mean that it really sucked. Everything about it was wrong.

The customers were stupid and ignorant.

The bureaucracy in charge was inept.

The coworkers were idiots.

The pay wasn’t enough.

The other dinner guest kept trying to bring up other subjects or at least talk about things other than the work-slavery combine. But every time something came up, Medusa somehow managed to bring it back to the work problem. Then guest #2 realized the subject was set in stone (see, Medusa!) and tried to talk about other things Medusa could do for work that would make use of her education and experience. Medusa wasn’t having that. There were a million reasons it wouldn’t work.

It got to a point where I wanted to just scream, “Enough! Just quit your job or at least quit sharing your misery with us.” This wasn’t a guest that I could do that to for several reasons- out of respect, they wouldn’t listen, sharing the misery was more important than ending it, set in their ways, etc.

So, a quote hit me from Sense and Sensibility…”I could no longer endure such conversation.”

Rather than scream, I did the next best thing. I abandoned guest #2 to Medusa and went to sit at a table with a bunch of pre-teen kids. It was way better. We talked about possibilities. Kids are like that. They still believe anything could happen. You can talk to them about hope, and they’ll make you see it.

The point here is this, don’t sit with adults when you can sit with kids, leave Medusa to play with her stone statues, be more like a kid, and don’t allow people to share their misery unchallenged.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!



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