A Recap of Great Homeschool Conference Greenville

Our family had a great time at the recent Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville SC. I did 2 lectures. One was on using comic books for education. The other was on using martial arts in education.

martial arts class

Here’s my photo recap…

I always have fun playing with the dinosaurs…


This really spoke to my inner elf-nerd…a Lord of the Rings literature study.


The Underground Movement, http://www.theundergroundmovement.com. This was a cool line-up of shirts. I especially loved the George Washington shirt (which I bought). It’s in the style of the popular Che shirts that kids wear but have no clue what they’re wearing.

tshirt booth

Media on the Brain, http://www.mediaonthebrain.net- This guy and his family were super nice, but I had to wonder about something. Their ministry is all about media oversaturation, but they sell a product that’s available on…DVD?

Media on the Brain

Shatterpoint Entertainment, www.shatterpointentertainment.com. I bought several of their Lego movies illustrating Bible stories with old school stop motion photography, not the fully animated version you see in the mass produced The Lego Movie. They had some really cool custom Lego items at their booth.

Lego Duck Dynasty


I had a booth promoting my book about using comic books for education. I just bought one booth, but my neighbors bugged out on Saturday morning. That’s right, you guessed it,my booth expanded once they left.





I thought this was pretty cool. It’s the first convention I’ve been a vendor at that gave us an enclosed spot for storage. My kids love the neat hiding spot.


If the convention center didn’t want us bringing in food from outside, they should make their food cheaper. It was like movie theater prices in there.


We bought this cool curriculum for our school from The Etiquette Factory. My boys are going to be the most well-behaved Vikings ever!


We’re changing our 9yo’s math curriculum over to Teaching Textbooks. We bought his next year’s books while there.

math booth

I thought an Iron Man mask would help sell comics, but the bearded Iron Man kind of scared away all the kids instead.

scary iron man

Be sure to check my Twitter feed for that weekend for more of the funny pics like the sleeping man and the sanitary napkins joke.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “A Recap of Great Homeschool Conference Greenville

    • Absolutely. I have 2 kids in it right now, and once my third one moves past the Math-U-See resources we already own, I’ll move him into it as well.

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