Lap Dancers Get the Shaft in SC (Exploring Statistics)

Forget the number of calories burned. I’m looking at the distance by which he beat the guy’s record. Any race you participate in that you can win by a small matter of 45 hours automatically makes you a bad dude.


I came across an interesting article about a court case in SC. I found it interesting from a statistical point-of-view, although maybe it will require some in person research.


Now, I’ve never had a lap dance in my life, not even from my wife, but I’ve seen them on television, which makes me an authority. Let’s think about how this wage disparity might break down in real life numbers.

Dancer works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

A lap dance lasts the length of a song, which averages about 3.5 minutes.

That means without breaks and with a solid line of customers, a dancer could perform 137 dances a shift.

Let’s be very conservative and say she does only 50 because of the variables like breaks, slow customer times, washing her hands (a lot), and her legs getting tired.

In a week, she’s doing 300 lap dances. I added a few for the variation in days. I’m sure she’s busier on Fridays and when conventions are in town.

The article mentioned overtime, so now we’re looking at an average range of anywhere from 226-471 lap dances each week.

If a dance costs $20 each (I really have no clue), that would put her in a six figure income bracket, forgetting the minimum wage owed them by the club owners.

So now that we’ve examined the statistical notions of this article, how many of you are thinking you chose the wrong profession?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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