Sinthetic Makes Its Debut in the Comic World

I’m so excited that the first issues of Sinthetic are now out. Sinthetic is a comic from Atomic Studios written by Lee Newman and drawn by Emil Koepcke. It’s about a young man tricked out with cyborg parts who wakes up on a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been overrun by man-machines.

Sinthetic 1_001

Sinthetic 2_001

Both Emil and Lee are good friends of mine, so I’m just a little biased. Even so, the comic is amazing. Emil’s style has a serious manga feel. Not the big doe-eyed manga either. His style is more akin to the action scenes from the first incarnation of Lone Wolf and Cub. I’m talking about panels filled with so much intensity that you want to read the comic through first for the story and then read it again to pick out the nuances of the scenes. I’ve enjoyed Lee’s writing since the debut of Creepy Kitchen, a children’s book that my rugrats love.


Issues 1 and 2 of the comic just came out after a fantastic Kickstarter campaign to fund its printing. For now, they’re on a limited release, but I have the intel on where you can buy issues from the 1st printing.

Here are a few upcoming appearances in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to check out the Sinthetic Facebook page for more showings. Not only can you buy the comics at these events. You can also pick up the Sinthetic t-shirts.

  • Friday May 2. Emil will be at Studio B in Market Common for an art show. 6pm
  • Saturday May 3. Emil will be at X-Con Comics for Free Comic Book Day
  • May 16-18. Both Emil and Lee will be at X-Con with a Sinthetic booth

And now a couple of teasers…

I found an homage to my old comic shop in issue 1. This was the first comic shop in the Myrtle Beach area. I’ve shopped here since I was in grade school. The shop actually evolved into what is now X-Con Comics.

Sinthetic 1_002

At the end of issue 2 is the 1st appearance of Dr. Berserker, a character based on me.

Sinthetic_1Dr Berserker shirt

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “Sinthetic Makes Its Debut in the Comic World

  1. If a person not in the Myrtle Beach area wanted to check these out, would that be possible? Or must we wait patiently while you beach-y people have all of the fun? 😉

  2. We’ll share the fun with you too! Get in touch with Emil on Facebook, I’m sure he’d be willing to ship them out. Why don’t you and Grace come down for X-Con this month? I’ll introduce you around. Emil has a life-size Dalek and Doctor Who Tardis that he always brings out to the Con.

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